Refutation of false information about Profit Partners

19 Nov 2021

 Respectable partners!

 Now some telegram channels publish messages about allegedly dishonest actions from the Profit Partners affiliate program. This information is not true. The subject of misunderstandings was a pop-up with the STAR promo code, which an unregistered user sees when he closes the registration form. It was developed by the Champion Casino team as an additional incentive for unregistered users to join the project. This has a positive effect on the conversion of players and helps partners as an additional offer. Since August 2021, 195 players have used the STAR promo code and are correctly displayed in the statistics of our partners.

 Any existing partner of Profit Partners can check the correctness of displaying statistics using activity as follows:

- follow your referral link to the registration form of the Champion Casino website and click the cross in the upper right corner;
- in the pop-up that appears, click the "Activate promo code" button and register on the site;
- copy the new user ID in your personal account;
- wait for the statistics update in your Profit Partners profile and see by ID that the statistics for this player is displayed in the cabinet.
 We are also
attaching a screenshot of the statistics of a player provided by one of our partners and registered on the site in the way described above. The first one - from the product admin panel - shows when the STAR promo code was created and the lack of a ref code. The second shows the ID of the player who used the STAR promo code during registration, which can be tracked by the dates of the use of the promo code and user registration. The third screen from the personal account of one of the partners shows that the initial ref-code was assigned to this player.

If you have any difficulties, our Affiliate managers are always ready to help and explain the procedure in more detail in private messages.