Profit Partners does not leave the Russian market, but we are forced to change the terms of cooperation

21 Mar 2022


Dear partners,


The Deluxe and Lotoru Casinos’ teams have decided to close the projects completely. In order to preserve the client base, and hence the income of partners, the players of these projects will receive an offer to switch to Champion Casino. All players who use the offer will remain assigned to the partners who brought them.

Champion Casino continues to work, provide a consistently high quality of service and fulfil its obligations to users and partners, despite a sharp decline in purchasing power, a massive withdrawal of entertainment projects from the Russian market, problems with payment systems, disconnection of some providers and international pressure. Partners working with Deluxe and Lotoru Casinos can switch traffic to Champion Casino. To do this, contact our Affiliate managers.

In accordance with the business continuity plan, from April 1, 2022, Profit Partners is forced to revise the share of the partners' income under the Revenue Share program. The company strives to preserve the possibility of partners to receive high income, and this opportunity will directly depend on the activity of the partner, namely, on the indicator on the first deposits of new players for the reporting period.



1st deposits*   

% for new and old players**   









76 - 100




These changes will affect all traffic brought by the partner during the cooperation with the affiliate program. The current situation also forced us to temporarily deactivate all personal conditions of cooperation. Affiliate earnings generated before 04/01/2022 will be paid according to the current terms of cooperation.

Starting from April, all payments to partners will take place as usual. Also, now the company is actively working on the restructuring of the formed financial obligations to partners for the period from the second half of February to the end of March and will begin their phased repayment from April 1 this year, and will fully fulfil its obligations within 3 months: April, May, June.

Profit Partners continues to monitor the situation on the Russian market and will offer partners more attractive conditions as soon as the opportunity arises.